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Style(s): Astanga


I first discovered yoga in London in 2000. With a background in media, anthropology and a stint in PR, I swiftly chose to trade my desk for a yoga mat, to study yoga at its source. I maintain a daily practice at Astanga Yoga London where I assist Hamish Hendry, and make regular trips to Mysore, India, where I received the KPJAYI Authorisation to teach in 2014. I have studied with a number of inspiring teachers that include R. Sharath Jois , Rolf Naujokat , Gingi Lee and John Scott.

I am fascinated by yoga in all its forms, its effects, and the intricate links between physical and mental well-being. I love helping and watching students develop, and believe yoga is a lifelong learning process: a dedicated, regular – and yet fun – practice can only bring forth increased energy and happiness.