Style(s): Astanga


My yoga journey started in 1999. I remember leaving class feeling like I had a sun in my stomach, and that was it. Yoga has been the stability in my life since then, bringing me patience, discipline, physical health and balance.

I knew since my first month of practicing that I wanted to teach one day, but it took 10 years before I felt I had enough experience in my own practice to take on the responsibility of teaching others, which happened in 2010, and it has been a full time occupation since then.

Through the years I have moved from Sivananda via Vinyasa to Ashtanga, and a period of injury brought me to Hatha. My passion is Ashtanga, the structure and flow of the practice is unique and when you have memorized the sequence it becomes meditation in movement and a practice you will carry with you anywhere you go.

I have 200 hr teacher trainings in Ashtanga and Hatha, and I have studied with Sharath Jois in Mysore for 3 months, as well as workshops and trainings with other teachers like David Swenson, John Scott and Kino McGregor, picking up their magic along the way.

The intermediate Ashtanga class is a led primary, some yoga experience is necessary, and it is quite demanding.

The beginners yoga varies from week to week, sometimes it will be an introduction to the Ashtanga practice, sometimes a more Hatha based class, depending on what the students want