Style(s): Hatha Yoga, Restorative, Pregnancy & Post-Natal, Yoga for back pain & scoliosis


My introduction to yoga happened in a small group of dedicated yogis studying under Andrey Lappa in Kiev, Ukraine in the early 90s. Subsequently, I moved to London to pursue my studies at LSE, leading to a PhD in political theory.

Throughout my academic years I have been continuously practicing yoga and since 2000 started teaching, encouraged by my friends at university.

I have been trained in various yoga styles and completed a level two Yoga teacher training at The Life Centre, which is a British Wheel of Yoga accredited programme and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

I teach dynamic hatha yoga, with emphasis on flow to create uplifting yet grounding practice.

The weekly sessions mainly focus on physical aspects of yoga through asanas (postures), pranayama (breath) and working with chakras (energy centres). Monthly workshops incorporate some aspects of yoga philosophy along with restorative asana practice, focus on chakras and meditation.

Classes are open to all levels. The aim is to create an inclusive and open environment rather than rigid and uniform atmosphere.

The beauty of yoga practice is that ultimately it leads us to our own centre and grounds us in the midst of constant fluctuations that surround us.

In my opinion, Yoga is a transformative journey not a destination. Come to it with open mind and curiosity and bring your own creativity.

For more information on group classes (dynamic hatha), monthly workshops (restorative yoga) and private tuition (private classes can be arranged for pregnancy & post-natal yoga; Yoga for back pain & scoliosis; along with more general purposes) please contact me.